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Day to Day Accounting Services


We use a suite of smart cloud-based software like Xero & Reckon to look after your book keeping, payroll, management reporting, creditors & debtors so that you can spend time on your actual company. 

We manage a suite of smart cloud-based software applications to look after your bookkeeping, payroll, management reporting, creditors & debtors so that you can spend time on what you do best – running your actual company, better. 

We work alongside you to give you timely, accurate and effective bookkeeping for your day to day accounting transactions, cashflow and accountancy needs.

We even call up your debtors to get you cashflow moving faster!

Outsourcing to a certified bookkeeper (us) allows you to relax knowing that your financial records are up-to-date at all times and that your IRD filing requirements are met.
You can sit back and relax knowing we've got your back.

We, as your bookkeeper help you to manage your business. We measure it so you can manage your cash flow, identify problem areas (and growth areas!), and plan for future business profitability, nice!

Jbees Day to Day Accounting Services

jbee's Day to Day Accounting Services are based in Christchurch, Canterbury NZ, just a click away…

We can help you with…

We pride ourselves on offering competent friendly and supportive accounting and bookkeeping services to deliver effective, accurate and timely admin for your day to day business needs. We look after your bookkeeping, payroll, management reporting, creditors and debtors – as much or as little as you need –customising solutions for Xero, Reckon and more.


We give you – the business owner – back your time!



We want to be the busy bees swarming around your business, working hard to optimise your company’s full potential while taking care of the environment and our community.


Get in touch to find out how we can help your business Bee the best that it can Bee.


Eco-friendly: jbee's continuously seeks the find the most eco-friendly processes. 

We use paperless filing in order to Bee as paperless as we can be and provide customised, cloud-based accounting software solutions to clients so you’ll Bee helping the planet too.


Community-driven: The busier the hive, the more honey it brings the community.


Giving business owners time back...


I have had my business accounting with jbee's Day to Day Accounting Services now for 5 years plus. Gaylene looks after my accounts for my two companies and is an absolute delight to work with. Nothing is a bother for Gaylene and the team.


They really get small business, and also the absolute need to keep on top of cash flow. I am really happy with the service Gaylene and the team provide.


To be honest, I would be lost without their help and incredibly good accounting service they offer. I couldn't be in better hands.

Brenda Treacy
Treacy Web Design

jbee's has been part of my business now for more than 5 years. They are a great team who I know I can talk to about any aspect of my business. They are happy to either do the work for me or assist me to complete it.  


I would highly recommend this great bunch of ladies. 

Trevor Holder
Timatanga Developments

I’ve been a client now for around 10 years, and I would be completely lost without them. They keep me organised, making sure things are done on time. If I need information or a report I receive it so quickly and efficiently.


jbee's are absolutely a part of my organisation. They are an amazing support for my business and care about me personally. I love them to pieces.

Yvonne Parker

Bronwyn, I can’t thank-you enough for your knowledge and support. Your training allowed me to get a greater understanding of our current accounting software.


I am also excited about putting everything into practice and developing a better understanding of our numbers in real-time. Thanks for being professional and nurturing me along the way!!!

Chloe Newble
JN Building

We have been using jbee’s for well over 6 years. Jacqui and Leeann and the team have done a fantastic job! Always reliable, punctual, and thorough.

Sometimes it's hard to let go of your business admin to someone else for many reasons, but believe me, it is the best thing you can do when its someone you can trust.

jbee’s has allowed us to free up key personnel in our business, including us the owners! We can focus on what we do well – running the operations, managing our people and customers.

Because the jbee’s team focus on admin, they are experts in this field. This means our business is well informed with the latest updates with tax, payroll, business admin etc.
We highly recommend jbee’s to anyone who wants to streamline their business, free up time, and focus on other areas resulting in a more sustainable, profitable business model.

Steven McLachlan & Jason Burke
Burkes Metalworks

The jbee's team handle all of my payroll requirements so I don't have to worry about that side of my business. Friendly, professional service at a good price.

Richard Orwin
Upbeat Business Computing

jbee's do a great job looking after our day to day accounting, they are always ready to help either by email, phone or even if needed in person.


They certainly helped us out a couple of years ago when we got dropped in it when a staff member did a runner and have working with us since.

Colin Cameron
Brown & Patterson Collision Repairs
ICNZB Accredited Bookkeeping Business_20

There’s one Queen Bee that runs this hive:

Jbees accounting

Queen Bee Jacqui has spent over 20 years’ in accounts and business administration, covering all aspects of the administration and business finance.


She has the knowledge required to help clients keep on top of their bookkeeping, tax and administration needs, experience with accounts, mergers & acquisitions, start-ups, IRD, GST reconciliations and liquidation, and she's accredited in Xero. 


The real honey Jacqui offers is her ability to pick up different industries very quickly, understanding and creating the reports that clients need and methodically working through clients’ accounts to get them tidy.

She has three children, dogs and a cat.


One of our Xero accredited Worker Bees, she gets serious work done on time and strives to deliver personal, professional and timely services to all our clients.

Leeann is married to Derek they have two lovely teenage boys and a German Shepherd.


Our Partners



We would love to know how we can help you. Contact us to book your FREE 15-minute chat.

For any general inquiries, please get in touch via the details above or feel free to fill in the following contact form:

03 943 1949

0800 944 944

13B Parkhouse Road, Wigram, Christchurch 8042

Thanks! Message sent.

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